Reading outdoors in COVID-times, has been a latest happening out of Studio M* now situated at our home 920 A – 5 Ave. We stopped the Open Library Friday night events just like most everyone did when the authorities called for “lock down” conditions with the pandemic. So, last week we decided to invite a small group of 8 or so people to bring something to read, to just listen, and to gather in a big circle on our lawn.

It was great weather and people brought their own writing, works by others, and some just sat and listened. It was fun to do this outside, to have people in the neighborhood checking us out, and to compete with the sound-track of the jets that were going nearly right over our heads. At times, it was like they were in a long line of intentional interruptions to the transgressive ideas that the readings were often promoting.

We had to adapt like everyone else to these times and interruptions and inconveniences are part of the new norm. But that said, we all spoke out that more or less, this was a good time during this ‘shut down’ to read, to write, to reflect on what is really important in our lives. An evening of community was really nice, and the mosquitoes that showed up after 9pm were also enjoying all this fresh food for free. Ha ha. We’ve moved the event now to every 2nd Thurs. and we’ll end by 8:30 pm to make sure we don’t have that happen again. Sorry mosquitoes.

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