Course Offerings

[Stay tuned for future courses. Currently we are book writing and settling into our new location in Nanaimo, British Columbia and are not offering classes.]


Communal Practice in Quarantine:
Making Sense of our Lives & Times

Series # 3: Introduction & Spontaneous Creation Making
Weekly on-line drop-in via ZOOM

Saturdays Oct. 3, 17, 31 & Nov. 13, 21 from 10 – 12:30 pm MST
Wednesdays Oct. 7, 21 & Nov. 4, 18, 25 from 6 – 8:30pm MST

RSVP minimum 60 min. prior to receive Zoom invitation and any support materials
For age 16+

Communal practice fall 2021


Gift Economy Learning Group

Upcoming session TBA with Dr. Nané Jordan with a focus on Placental/Mothering and the gift economy

RSVP for a PDF of the reading to pre-read for the gatherings.

This is an in person and at a distance event through Zoom. If you want to join on Zoom please contact us.

gift economy lerning group

Trance-formation and Transformation in theory and practice have been essential in the development of our lives and art practices. We completed doctorate degrees in Education with a primary interest in developing ourselves as artists,  researchers and teachers dedicated to creative change, growth, healing, transformation and liberation. Our work as artists/researcher/teachers seeks to reform/ transform our shifting identities while reconciling the shadowed histories of our colonial ancestral heritage and the damages to ecosystems and Indigenous People’s and their ways. The courses below are ways we invite others to engage a slow activism approach to the transformation of one’s self in relation to culture and nature.


If you are interested in future Trance or MA Pose courses or workshops email for more information.

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Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat or blanket, journal or sketchbook along with basic art supplies. Some art supplies are supplied by Studio M*

Location: 1515 Centre St. S. Calgary
Contact Barbara prior to receive specific information about the evening. If you are joining through the internet please email at least 2 hours prior to 7pm MST. Email

All courses are offered within the framework of a gift economy. See Gifting page for details. Persons of all backgrounds and abilities 16 years of age or older are welcome.


Trance Based Learning & Inquiry: Introductory Course

A 6 week course on Monday evenings 7 – 9pm
October 15 – November 19 2018

Note: on-line participants welcome as well as in person.

Facilitators: Barbara Bickel and R. Michael Fisher

This workshop will introduce participants to basic trance processes offering a deeper understanding of oneself, others and the more-than-human world. It is a generative practice of opening up to arational modes of knowing and being with roots in indigenous shamanism, surrealist art, and contemporary Reclaiming wiccan practices. Barbara has worked with trance in her art practice since 2000 and has been teaching the process to artists and arts educators since 2017 as a way to expand possibilities of the human imaginary.

Participants will work individually, in pairs and as a group to learn the process of creating an intentional space for trance-based inquiry and learning, reclaiming the human birthright of entering alternative states of consciousness for self and planetary recalibration, restoration and transformation.

Dress comfortably and bring a yoga mat or blanket and pillow.

All courses are offered within the framework of a gift economy. See Gifting page for details. Persons of all backgrounds and abilities 16 years of age or older are welcome.