The first of a two volume set of Ettinger’s writing has been edited by Griselda Pollock, the eminent art historian, who has compiled some of the most important writing of Ettinger’s. We look forward to delving into this first volume. Volume 1 (1990-2000).

“Matrix as Sensing-Thinking Apparatus”

Pollock writes, “Bracha L. Ettinger’s writing addresses the central questions of philosophy, psychoanalysis and art–being and becoming, body and mind, consciousness and the Unconscious, subject and object of desire, alterity, difference and relationality” (p. 1).

Barbara’s newly published book “Art, Ritual, & Trance Inquiry: Arational Learning in an Irrational World” (2020) draws upon Ettinger’s matrixial theory and reveals the embodiment of matrixial subjectivity in her own art practice and the practices of 24 other women artists.

Bickel writes, “Ettinger’s theory of matrixial borderspace comes from a deep co-presence with mystery and the unknown other” (p. 30).

We are continually amazed at how well Pollock and Ettinger set forth the relationship of aesthetics to ethics to politics in an age of great trauma, atrocities and collapse. We find this work both real and inspiring as if it derives from an entirely different sphere than that of the banal reality of every day existence. It is a guidepost for these difficult times.

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