First guest of Studio M* is a fallen limb (balsam poplar) found by Michael post windstorm from the Humpy Hollow Park next door in October 2017.



Taking our guest back outside to begin to transform it into art in November 2017.


Returning to the site of the fall in Humpy Hollow Park we engage a spontaneous art installation with the cut fallen limb.


Energy lines uniting the cut fragments of the fallen limb.


The completed installation honouring the magic of the fallen limb.


Fallen Limb Digital Iteration


Spontaneous digital composite of the fallen limb documentation that reflects parallel journeys of artists at Studio M*.

All documentation photos taken by Barbara Bickel. Digital composition created by R. Michael Fisher.

The artists thank the balsam poplar for sharing its fallen limb with us as a way to connect with the ancestry of the land that Studio M* is housed upon.