by R. Michael Fisher

In our cynical world, where suspicion is necessity, insisting that something is true
is not nearly as powerful as suggesting that something might be true.
– Thomas King (2008)

View Suspicions in 3 themes

“Suspicions” is composed of art created in the past two years in styles Fisher has worked with for decades; Nature-based, Abstract, and Excess. He creates with a general temperament of spontaneous discipline that expresses impromptu approaches and mistakes. Making a mess, trying to resolve it, doing all he can technically and aesthetically, he designs artworks that reflect ‘worldly’ and ‘other-worldly’ integrations. His art insists on a freshness that is suspicious of nostalgia, hope, comfort, predictability, stability, and security. “With a conscious referencing that is sourced in my mind, if the artwork starts to look too quaint, too readable and familiar, I’ll make new choices and move in the opposite direction.”

This entire exhibition reflects Fisher’s own mood shifts and cycling reflected in styles not created sequentially but impulsively shifting from one to another. The force of Creation itself is at work, shaping the processes rather than the artist searching or honing a style that fits contemporary market aesthetics or art history. The artist is channeling and “gifting” from Creation’s gift. Fisher’s life-work is to transform the artist as much as the art–always in process–co-emerging and co-fading–on the edge of failure and disappointment.

Artist Talk with R. Michael Fisher Dec. 5, 2020.

The artist talking with the gallery owner Lisa Murphy Lamb in the gallery.

A short documentary of the artist talking about his contemplative aesthetic practice.

Contact the artist for sales or questions at email

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