We have found that artist residencies are incredibly nurturing and expansive for creative and intellectual practices. in 1995 Barbara experienced her first residency in Victoria, BC with Exchange Gallery and Studios to work on her collaborative Sisters project. In 2007, she utilized the residency process at Artscape Gibraltar Point to creatively begin her arts-based dissertation. Numerous other residencies have allowed us expand our practices and to connect with more artists. In particular, we have been involved as Artists-in-Residence with communities that have brought us in to co-create and facilitate new growth in their communities. Currently, Michael with Barbara is working with an alternative daycare (becoming a school) in Nanaimo.

If you are interested in forming an alternative residency/lab experience we are open for conversations. Contact us by email.

To view a past residency application to work with Studio M*, see the attached PDF:

Studio M Residency Call 2019

P1120073Studio M* at McHugh House – panorama view