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An on-going series of interview recordings with artists Barbara Bickel and R. Michael Fisher are a co-inquiry into the relationship of art with each other, the community and the world. To hear the interviews listed below go to Parallel Recordings.

PR One: Courtenay Artist Residency
Spontaneous Art, Dreaming, Feminine Architecture, Unconscious, Labyrinth
PR Two A: Courtenay Artist Residency
Place-based Art-making, Ecological Community, Ethics, Arting
PR Two B: Courtenay Artist Residency
Dreamwork, Opening Possibilities, Performance Ritual
PR Three: Vancouver Art Gallery
Art Encounters
PR Four: Cindy Lou Griffith’s Studio, Vancouver
Integration, Parallel Realities, Borderspaces
PR Five: Carbondale Life Residency
Matrixial Edaphology, Indigenous Science, Learning
PR Six: Studio M*, Calgary
Socially Engaged Art, Relational Art Practice, Writing, Teaching
PR Seven: Studio M*, Calgary
Art, Death, Future
PR Nine: Studio M*, Calgary
Trauma, Healing, Heart Surgery, Trance, Hypnotherapy
PR Ten: Studio M*, Calgary
Gift Economy, Sacred Economics, Trance, Transformation, Raven
PR Eleven: 920A Live-In Library, Calgary
Proleptic Moments, Ancestors, Gifting/Healing Economy, Potlatch, Co-Generative Generosity, Kitchen Happenings
PR Twelve: 920A Live-In Library, Calgary
Art, Artists and the Gifting/Healing Economy, Genevieve Vaughan
PR Thirteen: 920A Live-In Library, Calgary
Artist residency, Medwyn McConachy, Indigenous and Arts-Based Processes, Settler
PR Fourteen: 920A Live-In Library, Calgary
Art, Trance & Ritual Inquiry, Psychic Social Pain, End Times, Cyclical Time, Grief & Mystery
PR Fifteen: 920A Live-In Library, Calgary
Communal Practice, Quarantine, Restorative Lab Project, Spontaneous Creation Making, Transformation, Co-Inquiry
PR Sixteen: 920A Live-in Library
Communal Practice, Quarantine, Spontaneous Creation Making
PR Seventeen: Studio M* Calgary
McHugh House installation, private space, public space, communal practice, Quarantine time
PR Nineteen: Studio M*/920A Live-In Library
Restorative Lab Project, Spontaneous Creating Making, Co-inquiry Reflections, community building
PR Twenty: Studio M*/920A Live-In Library
Bracha Ettinger, matrixial paradigm, slow thinking, maternal gift paradigm, matrixial gift paradigm
PR Twentyone: Studio M*/Nanaimo
material  collaborators, witnesses, anxiety mediators, Spontaneous Creation-Making practices book, stones, caring practices, community