A great teaching of how to decolonize ourselves through art and community.

Medwyn's Meanderings


On Sunday I had the privilege of participating in a post-residency talk with Barbara Bickel and R. Michael Fisher of Studio M* exploring what we have learned and are continuing to learn from the work of my winter residency with them (see blog posts January 3 and 13).  A recording of this conversation becomes #13 in a series of Parallel Recordings co-created by Barbara and Michael and found on the Studio M* website.

Since returning from my Mexico trip in March, I have been very focused on researching and thinking about what we are currently referring to in Canada as ‘reconciliation’. It is clear to me that my role as a settler, immigrant, white, privileged Canadian is to find my own way to contribute to this process. I have chosen to do this through art and a continuation of the work I began in Calgary. I am engaged…

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