Weirding the Divine Double
graphite on paper 7.25 x 2.5 inches May 2018

Weirding the Divine Double
graphite on paper
7.25 x 7.5 inches
R. Michael Fisher & Barbara Bickel
May 2018

“When the border distinguishing the self-in-body from the environment becomes too porous, the ontologically insecure person encounters nonbeing as pure horror. But for mystics, especially non-male mystics, this kind of willing self-corrosion is exactly the premise for divine contact and transcendence. The mystic finds joy in the dissolution of self—its “corruption or partition” on the way to nothingness. The insane person fights tooth and nail to retain ontological security out of fear. The mystic actively deconstructs the self in the name of love.”

“Female mysticism offers a foundation for non-anthropocentric knowledge that is not at all opposed to other types of knowledge.”

Elvia Wilk, 2018

We appreciate the writing of Elvia Wilke in the current issue of E-Flux #92, where she articulates a feminine mystical interpretation of the potential redemption of humankind within the context of the New Weird genre–an encounter with the annihilation process within the Anthropocene. Art as a place to access non-anthropocentric knowledge or matrixial knowing works well in the ruins of decreation.

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