We at Studio M*, like performance artist Marina Abramovic we are interested in “an art made of trust, vulnerability, and connection… [W]ork… [that explores] how bringing the public into it…[is] opening new paths toward exploring human consciousness.”  –  Walk Through Wall, 2016, p. 362-363

And like performance artist Allan Kaprow we understand how “Lifelike art in which nothing is separate is a training in letting go of the separate self… It is even possible that some lifelike art could become a discipline of healing… Something like this is already happening. If it develops more intentionally (and we don’t know that it will), we may see the meaning of art change profoundly– from being an end to being a means, from holding out a promise of perfection into some other realm demonstrating a way of living meaningfully in this one.” – found in Suzi Gablik, The Re-enchantment of Art, 1991.

And we question art, artists, and arts organizations, as does Laura Raicovich, former director of the Queens Museum in NYC in a recent Frieze article as to how,

“Art, artists, and arts organizations have a very powerful role to play at this particular moment. Not only can the art we invent and present provide new ways of seeing the world, creating desperately-needed space for imagination as well as new views on the seemingly-intractable challenges of our day, but it can also impact culture beyond what we might conceive of the ‘art world’ to directly influence the culture of our times.  Can we not imagine [as artists] having a larger influence on society by enacting values of care and creativity that might make this world a better place?”

We have a dialogue series of Parallel Recordings where we have been exploring these intersections. We invite you to listen here.


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